How to Access Your WordPress Admin Panel from Your Android Phone?

by Pankaj Biswas on June 17, 2011

In this article I’m going to tell you some interesting way to access your WordPress admin panel from your Android mobile phone. Using your Android mobile you can access to your WordPress comments moderation section, you can create and publish posts even you will be able to watch your WordPress.Com live stats. To do so, you need to install an Android Application named “WordPress – By Automattic Inc.”. To install this application, go to your Android Market and search for WordPress. You will get the application and install that.

Android Market WordPress Search Image Android WordPress

Also, if you have barcode readers installed on your Android then scan this barcode to download the application directly to your mobile.

Android WordPress Barcode

Once you have installed this application, go your Android menu and click on the WordPress Icon. It will launch the application. Now you need to add your existing WordPress.Com or Self hosted WordPress blog login details. Before you add your blog’s details, you need to enable XML-RPC option in your blog. To do so, login to your WordPress admin panel from your computer or Android browser and go to (Writing Options). Now tick the XML-RPC option and hit save. This step is most important because if you skip this step, you will be unable to access your blog remotely. To know more about XML-RPC visit

Wordpress XML-RPC Option image
Android WordPress Welcome Screen Android WordPress Configuration Wizard Image

Well, once you have added the URL, admin user ID and Password to the application, hit Save. It will show you “Attempting to configure account” and once it gets access to your blog, your blog name will appear on the menu of the application. In this way you can add you all WordPress blogs to this one application to access them remotely.

Android WordPress Lists Android WordPress Page Lists

Now in the application you will get 4 major options to control your WordPress blog. First section is Comments – You will be able to moderate comments using this section. Second one is Posts – You will be able edit, create posts using this section. Third one is Pages, you will be able to access you all pages and create new pages using this section. The last section is Stats. If you have WordPress.Com stats enabled in your blog, then you will be able to see you blog’s stats using this section. When you click first time on this tab, this application will ask you for the WordPress.Com user ID and Password.

Android WordPress Stats Config Wizard Image Android WordPress Posts

To add a post, click the Posts tab and hit the “+” button at the bottom left corner of the application; It will bring the new post window. Once you have added post details you may save it as draft or publish it immediately to your blog.

Android WordPress Post Editor Image Android WordPress Post Status Options Image

No doubt this application enables a great feature in front of you to publish remotely articles to your blog, but the main disadvantage is that you will not be able to add Meta descriptions to your post items immediately while publishing the post. Because this plugin enables only the basic WP-Admin panel without the plugins. So, if you are conscious about SEO, then you may have to edit your posts later using your computer to do SEO on your posts.
I hope you have enjoyed this first tutorial of TutsNinja. If you have queries, comment on this post, I will definitely help you.

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