Things to Remove from Your Website!!

by Pankaj Biswas on March 20, 2011

Webmasters are always trying to make their website attractive so that users can stay, bookmark and re-visit their websites. But while making changes or implementing our ideas we always do some mistakes.  So, if you are also trying to do the same, read it before you make changes to your website. The basic thing to attract users to your website is designs, so you may think of adding some images, JavaScript or flash animations etc. But there are too many things you have to think while adding these things.  So, let’s begin with this chapter.

1. Images

Some people says that “Pictures worth a thousand words” no doubt true but its also true that “pictures take too much time to load” basically for those who are using a slow internet connection. So, if you are going to add too many images to your website, then you must think of the size of the image size and the number of images. Keep as low as possible because people like fast sites than too decorated sites!!

2. Flash Animations

This is another point which I really avoid to place in websites. There is two main reasons why you should avoid adding flash animations. It’s too bigger in size than images or texts and also it’s completely not friendly for SEO. Because you may express your ideas, website appearance to visitors in a good manner using flash animations but not to search engine bots. They are unable to watch and understand your animations, so adding flash animations is worthless for good SEO. Now about the size, another similar point as bigger images, it will take minutes to load and also seconds to drive visitors to another website!! ;-)

3. JavaScripts

This is another essential thing for websites which cannot be avoided completely. So, what to do? Well, try to make the number of JS as low as possible and do not put JavaScripts into your <head>. Because, while fetching the website, browsers doesn’t shows the website until the header is completely loaded! So, for example if you have an advertisement JS code in your header and the advertisement server is down, then your website will take minutes to appear in front of visitor as browser will not get any data using that JS in your header!! And if necessary try putting JavaScripts into <body> or in footer. This will not affect too much in page loading!

4. Long Articles in Blogs

This is another thing you have to think about! You may have the capability to write thousands of words for describing a matter, but users may not have the patience to read and scroll numbers of pages to get what they want. So, try making your description short and make your visitor less navigating for information!

That’s all; you have any more things to say? Share below!!

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Andrew April 13, 2011 at 12:38 am

Good advice my friend.

criar site April 16, 2011 at 1:20 am

Writing long articles is my biggest problem. Sometimes it is difficult to explain somethings in just a few words.

appointment setting April 26, 2011 at 4:24 pm

In addition to that, I have also read from a source that there is also a need to remove dead links. It’s quite professional and neat to do that and there is actually a tool that you can use called the Broken Link Checker. It actually crawls your site and lets you recognize where there are broken links and lets you edit them or simply remove them.

Pankaj April 27, 2011 at 7:48 am

Yes, You are correct! We need to remove dead links too! :)

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